10 May 2013

We will be back soon enough to continue in our devious ways.
Try not to miss us too much :)

30 April 2013

Ahhh Choo! It's Coming B*tches.....

We waited and waited and waited for, quite possibly, our favorite sale to return this April. When it didn't, we figured that it was a biennial sorta thing. But then the news broke yesterday, and we barely held it together. More Choo's for $75, that was what was going through our minds. More than Louboutin, more than Manolo, the Jimmy Choo sample sale is severely important, and we can give you  more reason than just one.

First of all, the prices beat out all other designer shoe sale prices. If you guys have attended the Louboutin or Manolo sale in the past, you'd know what we mean. There is not se price for a 'damaged shoe', but at the Jimmy Choo sale, anything that has a damage becomes $75. That is how we scored a pair of current lace booties that were marked $1195, for just 75 bucks. Mhmm, that's right.

Second of all, the staff that ran the Choo sale last year was super awesome and fun. No Manolo Nazis or Louboutin Generals, just a bunch of people hangin around shoes and bags, laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the crowd. 

Finally, there is more Jimmy Choo merchandise than one could dream of, at least there was last year. So even after the VIPs went through the piles, there was still a ton of goodies left for us. Wait on that line, it's worth it ladies.

Bottom Line: You know what to do. 

24 April 2013

Prepping for Proenza (The Sample Sale, Guys)

Last August we experienced a Proenza Schouler sample sale for the first time. In some words, thank goodness we got there as early as we did because the goods were cleaned out in a matter of moments (well the good goods anyway).

So despite the fact that we will not be attending this season's Proenza sale, we have decided to give you a few tips on what you need to know.

1. The sale begins at 10 am--get there at 7:30. Yes, you do need to be there more than two hours before the doors open if you want a PS tote. Last August, we each got two. Call us greedy, but we woke up seriously early to be the first on line so we felt that we deserved more than one each.

2. Make friends with your fellow line-standers. If you do, you might be invited to do some trading once inside-ya know, floral tote for leather tote, suede vest for printed skirt. You will need allies in order to get something that you love.

3. Move quickly. Spend no time debating while going through the racks; pick it up and use it for trading later. Better to have more in your hands than less.

4. Be kind. If you notice that you have become a complete hoarder, holding way more Proenza than you can carry, look around the room for the sad little Proenza fan that really, really needs a helping hand. Do you really need all four of those totes?

Those our our 'rules of thumb,' if you will. And if we were going to be there, we would certainly be following them. After-all, if you see how well we made out last year, you would know why.

Have fun!!

Now That's What we Call a Sample Sale, Proenza Schouler

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